Our New Name

We have now changed our name from Shropshire RCC to Community Resource.

To find out more about our new brand and why we’ve updated it, click here.

Shropshire Community Fund

The Shropshire Community Fund provides grants to small charities and community groups across the county.

It is managed by Community Resource and builds on the work we currently do helping charities and voluntary groups access funding available.

With cutbacks in Government spending at both local and national levels, demands and pressures on small charities have risen significantly, and funding available to help them deliver their work has not kept pace. 

Smaller grant-giving charities and foundations are also struggling to find suitable beneficiaries to apply for their funds. Furthermore, the original intention for many trust funds is no longer relevant or appropriate, making it difficult to know how the money available can be distributed.

The Shropshire Community Fund:
  • Administers grants to groups which support communities in the county
  • Bridges the divide between the people in need and the charities who can help them
  • Supports trusts by redirecting their charitable giving to suit modern needs
  • Finds potential applicants for funding

How you can help

You can support the Shropshire Community Fund by:
  • Making a donation
  • Leaving a legacy in your will
  • Nominating it as your company’s chosen charity
  • Organising a fundraising event 
To find out more about Shropshire Community Fund please contact Julia Baron, Chief Executive, on 01743 237876 / Julia.baron@community-resource.org.uk


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