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Volunteers' Week - Thelma's Story

Published: 5th Jun, 2019

Volunteers' Week - Thelma's Story


Thelma has been volunteering for Shropshire RCC’s Hearing Loss Support Service for 23 years. She helps people adjust to wearing new hearing aids, providing advice, support and information through home visits and drop in clinics.

Like many of our Hearing Loss Support volunteers, Thelma is a hearing aid-wearer, and understands how it feels to adjust to life with a hearing impairment.

She said: “The impact on a person who has accepted they have a hearing loss and have sought help can still be very dramatic and they welcome help from someone who cares, is willing to listen and offer a solution to the problem.”

Thelma also helps to run our Effective Hearing Programmes – a free half-day course for hearing aid wearers and a family member or friend providing guidance on issues ranging from communications tips to demonstrations on useful equipment such as hearing aids.

Thelma adds: “As our population ages more voluntary help will be needed to visit adults who are experiencing frustration, isolation, a feeling of inadequacy or even depression because they cannot master wearing and maintenance of their hearing aids. All these feelings are commonplace.

"Being able to hear stimulates the brain with everyday sounds. No deaf or hard of hearing person should feel alone.”


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