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Volunteers' Week - Bryan's story

Published: 5th Jun, 2019

Volunteers' Week - Bryan's story


Shropshire RCC’s oil buying scheme was established in 2011 to offer off-gas households in Shropshire the chance to join together to get the best price for their heating oil.

Our scheme is not-for-profit, only charging an annual fee (£24) to cover admin costs. What also sets it apart is that we have a group of volunteer coordinators across the county supporting members, particularly those who are vulnerable, in placing their orders.

One of those coordinators is Bryan Herbert, 75, from Woore. Bryan and his wife have lived in Shropshire since 1984. He worked in the coal industry for the majority of his career before taking early retirement as the industry shut down.

With “time to fill” Bryan threw himself into voluntary work. He said: “I became involved in Barn Owl Conservation, was able to spend more time with our lifetime love of English Setters, and started a small gardening business. Then I discovered the Llangollen Railway, under an hour from home, and became a volunteer Station Master for eight years.

“By this time I was 75 years old, realising that I needed to slow down, giving up working so much, and then I saw an article in our local newspaper about the Fuel Oil Scheme and the need for volunteer co-ordinators.

“I was hooked (again). Here was a chance to remain active at my own pace while helping the community. Woore has a large contingent of widows, most elderly, some infirm and I have become a firm friend, keeping an eye on their fuel needs and making sure their tanks are secure.”

For more information on our oil buying scheme, including how to join, click here.  


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