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Volunteers needed to support those deprived of liberty

Published: 16th Jul, 2021

Volunteers needed to support those deprived of liberty


Shropshire RCC is looking for volunteers to be personal advocates for people living in residential care homes.

The volunteer roles are to act as representatives for those who lack capacity under the Mental Capacity Act and who have been deprived of their liberty.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards is a procedure that takes place at a care home or hospital when it is in a person’s best interests and as a way to keep them safe. Everyone who is deprived of liberty must legally have someone appointed to act as their representative.

Shropshire RCC volunteers visit and speak on behalf of the relevant person when there are no family members or friends to carry out this role.  

Responsibilities include providing regular contact and ongoing support, helping the person to voice any concerns and assisting with making a complaint or challenge.

Susann Mitchell, Development Officer at Shropshire RCC, said: “The people our volunteers support may be living with dementia, have learning disabilities or a mental health illness or be receiving end of life care - and often the person has multiple needs. 

“If you have some free time and are passionate about really making a difference in someone’s life, of advocating for those who are unable to do it for themselves, then please get in touch.”

For the past year, support from current volunteers has been given through phone and video calls, with in-person visits now resuming at care homes after being paused due to the pandemic.

Care homes have set up Covid-secure environments for visitors, and volunteers and are provided with full PPE by Shropshire RCC.

For more information on how to become a Volunteer Relevant Persons’ Representative, please email susann.mitchell@community-resource.org.uk 


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