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Unused foreign coins in your wallet? Why not donate them to us!

Published: 20th Jul, 2016

Unused foreign coins in your wallet? Why not donate them to us!


Unused holiday currency is usually either forgotten about or thrown away, but The Shropshire Rural Communities Charity can make use of it!

We are collecting unwanted currency and old foreign coins and notes and are hoping for a windfall this summer as people return from their foreign holidays.

Some 64% of travellers return from abroad with foreign currency and this year the average holidaymaker is coming home with just over £28 in notes and coins. Just over 5% of people change the money back into sterling.The rest stockpile it at home, and only half of those plan to use it on their next holiday. Only 4% donate it to charity.

This initiative has been supported by the Royal Bank of Scotland, who has Shropshire Rural Communities Charity as its charity partner. They have collection points in their branches in Shrewsbury and Telford. We are also collecting unwanted foreign change at our offices on Shrewsbury Business Park.

The unwanted currency collection is also being supported by Henshalls Insurance Brokers in Newport, who has agreed to collect unwanted currency at their Newport offices for us. Henshalls has recently won the "Business in the Community" award from the Shropshire Chamber, and was keen to lend us their support.

The Shropshire Rural Communities Charity supports people across the county through a variety of services designed to keep Shropshire people fit, healthy, active and involved with their local communities, such as social groups for disabled adults; support groups for people with hearing and sight loss and transport loans to people who are struggling to get to work.We also provide advice to smaller Shropshire charities and community groups on issues such as training, recruiting volunteers, charity constitutional matters and securing grants.


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