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Shropshire Star's "Cash for your Community" Campaign 2017

Published: 3rd Mar, 2017

Shropshire Star's "Cash for your Community" Campaign 2017


Shropshire Rural Communities Charity is participating in the Shropshire Star's "Cash for your Community" challenge!

As one of 50 local charities, we will be awarded a share of £20,000, depending on how many tokens, to be printed in the Shropshire Star, that we and our supporters can collect between 2nd March and 8th April. Our involvement in the campaign focuses on our Shropshire Wheels 2 Work project - providing subsidised transport loans to help people stay in employment.

You can support our participation in this potentially very lucrative scheme in two ways.

1. Because no purchase is necessary, you are able to write to the Shropshire Star in Telford to claim the total value of tokens published during the campaign period and request that they be donated to us. In previous years this has been how the charities with the most tokens have yielded such high numbers of tokens, so the more people we can persuade to do this in our name, the better.

To be accepted, these are the rules for the letter:

  • Only one request per household
  • The letter MUST include the following information:

Your full name

Your full home address

Your signature

The full name and address of Shropshire Rural Communities Charity, 4, The Creative Quarter, Shrewsbury Business Park, SY2 6LG.

  • Letters have to be received by the Shropshire Star by Wednesday 8th March.

Click here for template letter - please fill in the blanks where indicated, print and send to the Shropshire Star at the address at the top of the template letter.

2. By cutting out and sending your tokens to us at: Cash for Your Community Campaign, Shropshire Rural Communities Charity, 4 The Creative Quarter, Shrewsbury Business Park, SY2 6LG by 25th April.

We're hoping to have several places where you can also drop off your tokens - follow us on Twitter (@Shropshire_RCC) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/ShropshireRCC/) for updates as to where you can drop off your tokens.

Perhaps you are a member of a community group or church, or an employee of a company who would be happy to collect for us, or maybe you can persuade a local shop or pub etc. to have a box on their premises to collect for us. All you need is a box (preferably sealed) in which to collect the tokens; print out one of the Shropshire Star campaign posters (http://www.shropshirestar.com/wpmvc/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Were-collecting-tokens-poster-A4.pdf ) and write Shropshire Rural Communities Charity's name in the box.

And look out in the Shropshire Star for the double token days every Saturday during the campaign and on other "bonus" days!

We need to have received your tokens by Tuesday 25th April in order for us to submit them in time to the Shropshire Star.

3. Do both of the above!


If you have any questions about our participation in the campaign, please contact Francesca Cawood, Marketing and Communications Officer for Shropshire Rural Communities Charity, on 01743 342170 or francesca.cawood@shropshire-rcc.org.uk.


Thank you for your support - fundraising opportunities like this are vital to help us to continue to operate the projects that we operate across Shropshire.


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