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Keep busy and active with Boccia at Home!

Published: 24th Apr, 2020

Keep busy and active with Boccia at Home!


Development Officer Susie Hancock shares how people can stay active at home by playing the Paralympic sport Boccia.

Boccia is a target ball sport which tests both muscle control and accuracy. From a seated position, players propel balls to land as close as possible to a white marker ball, known as the Jack.

If you have enjoyed playing Boccia Indoor Bowls with your friends, why not play at home during self-isolation? It is an easy, fun game for all the family. You may not have your own set so how can you improvise? It could become messy to use oranges and apples instead of Boccia balls! Tennis balls might do, (if you happen to have 13 of them at home) but they are a bit fast and bouncy.

You can make surprisingly good bowls, however, from newspaper and “sticky-backed plastic tape” (Blue Peter style!). Crumple a sheet of newspaper into a ball that is roughly the size of a large orange (Boccia balls are 270 mm in circumference). Tape the crumpled newspaper so that it stays as a ball of this size. Scribble over it with a red felt tip pen and Voila! You have a red Boccia ball.To play the full game, you need to make six red balls, six blue balls and one white ball but, if there are only two people playing, you can make just two or three of each colour.

To create the Boccia court, push the furniture to the sides of your front room to make some clear floor space and agree the court boundaries before you start to play. A flat lawn or patio would be ideal, on a dry day. Use sturdy dining room/garden chairs without arm rests and place them in a line at one end of your room/patio. There should be a little space between the chairs so that you can bowl without the next chair or player getting in the way.

Now you are all set for your first match, all you have to do is download the guide on how to play and the scores sheet and get started!

Boccia at Home - how to play
Boccia at Home - score sheet

For more information about the game of Boccia, visit the Boccia England website or contact me on 07950 313659.

Susie Hancock
Wise & Well Team Development Officer

NB: Boccia at Home is for members of a household to play Boccia, while staying isolated at home. Please follow the Government’s advice on social distancing.


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