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Go green to get to work with our e-bike scheme

Published: 9th Oct, 2021

Go green to get to work with our e-bike scheme


Community Resource is offering workers an eco-friendly option to get to work and back with their fleet of electric bikes.

The Wheels2Work scheme is also low-cost, a healthier option than using a car, says Community Resource, which runs the initiative.

Shrewsbury care worker Jade Adams, who had previously struggled to commute to her job, says the scheme has been a game-changer for her.

“Quite honestly, this thing has changed my life,” says Jade. The 30-year-old mother of three is enthusing about the battery-assisted pedal cycle that takes less effort to ride than a conventional bike – and, crucially, gives her the means to get to work and back each day.

“It just makes life a lot easier,” says Jade who lives in Longden Coleham.

A care worker with Battlefield Healthcare, Jade loves the e-bike so much that she is now planning to buy her own. In the meantime, she is happy to be part of the Community Resource scheme where people pay a modest weekly rate for use of the bike.The initiative is about helping those who would otherwise struggle to get to work due to a lack of public transport.

“It’s a fantastic scheme,” she says. “Before this, I just had to manage with taxis and walking everywhere. Well, in a taxi it costs me £12 to get to Bicton Heath and back. This e-bike has been a life-changer. I think Wheels2Work is brilliant. I’d be lost without my bike now.”

Jade – mum to two boys aged eight and nine and 15-month-old Dotty – says she and her partner Shane are both grateful to Community Resource for providing her with the e-bike. “As a carer I work nights, I work mornings, I work evenings – whenever they need me, and this bike just allows me to get around so much more easily. In fact, I’m recommending Wheels2Work to a friend of mine now.”

Lindsey Stirton of the Wheels2Work project said: “We’re really delighted to be able to help people in this way. With public transport not always available – or perhaps not providing the answer because the specific routes or the timings aren’t right for an individual’s needs, this scheme can really help.“Of course, e-bikes have the added advantages of keeping you fit – and being better for the planet than using cars.

“So, if you’ve been considering a healthier way of getting to and from work – and one that just happens to also be a low-cost, environmentally-friendly option – why not get in touch and talk about trying an e-bike?”

For more information, telephone 01743 237883 and ask for Lindsey – or email lindsey.stirton@community-resource.org.uk


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