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Can you join Hazel and become a ‘Good Neighbour’?

Published: 13th Dec, 2018

Can you join Hazel and become a ‘Good Neighbour’?


A community group in Whitchurch made up of just one volunteer is looking for people to support those who are housebound or lonely.

Good Neighbours’ groups are formed by local people who want to offer a helping hand to those in their community.

The scheme in Whitchurch was set up by Shropshire RCC after we identified a need for befriending support in the area, but it currently has only one person to deliver it – Hazel Davidson.

We are desperate to find more people who can spare some free time to spend with local people to prevent them from becoming isolated or lonely.

Lisa Darkin from Shropshire RCC said: “Hazel does fantastic work visiting three people who are currently housebound, but we know there are others in Whitchurch who would really benefit from a Good Neighbour.

“The types of tasks our volunteers do are all pretty simple – collecting shopping, changing a light bulb, popping round for a cup of tea – but they make a massive difference to the people they’re helping.”

Hazel, from Whitchurch, has been volunteering for Good Neighbours for six months. She joined the scheme following the death of her mother, who she cared for.

Hazel said: “I have noticed the difference my visits make to those I see - we talk about local life and share stories.

“I know I’m making a real impact, plus it makes me feel good and we always leave one another with a smile and a wave.”

There are currently 10 Good Neighbours schemes across the county, including Wem, Bishop’s Castle and Craven Arms. The development and support of the schemes is part of the Shropshire RCC Wise and Well team's work, which is funded by Shropshire Council.

If you have at least an hour to spare a week and think you can support Good Neighbours Whitchurch, contact Lisa Darkin on 01743 342162 or email Lisa.Darkin@community-resource.org.uk to find out more.


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