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A message from our CEO about the Oil Buying Club

Published: 15th Mar, 2022

A message from our CEO about the Oil Buying Club


I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the heating oil market is in chaos. Oil prices increased rapidly in late February 2022 which quickly translated into rising prices on the petrol forecourt and, of course, increased costs for heating oil. Multiple suppliers have told us of prices rising by 4-6 pence per day.

We have been in touch with many suppliers locally and found a very mixed picture. Some are not taking orders or new customers, whilst others will take an order for delivery in 2-3 weeks but will not commit to give a price until delivery. Many suppliers are restricting delivery volumes. Where you can get a supplier to quote, the price is likely to be very high and we regularly hear of prices above 125 pence per litre. BoilerJuice showed UK average prices of 148ppl yesterday.

For the first time in over eleven years, Community Resource Oil Buying Club has not been able to find a supplier for our monthly order. We have also had to suspend future Oil Club orders until the market is less volatile. We are in contact with other community Oil Buying schemes across the country and all report the same situation.

How does this affect our members?

Until further notice, I regret that we will not be able to take orders through the Oil Buying Club and if you are running out of oil, you should contact suppliers directly to purchase your oil. Whilst we are concerned about all our club members, we are incredibly worried about vulnerable people going without heating. Please look out for your neighbours. If you are aware of people in a vulnerable situation, contact us - we may be able to refer them for support.

Our advice:

  1. Suppliers across the country are under incredible pressure. Please be understanding when you contact them.
  2. Even if a supplier has taken an order from you, the volatility in the market means the risk of them not being able to deliver is higher than it would usually be.
  3. Before you commit to an order, shop around as much as possible. It can be very difficult to get through to some suppliers, and this may mean that they are not taking orders, or signing up new customers.
  4. Pay with a credit card where possible. It is important to say that we do not know of any suppliers that are in trouble and most have been in this market for many years. However, the heating oil market is less regulated than other energy markets and the risk of a supplier going bust is bound to be greater in the current climate. Payment by credit card may make it easier for you to get your money back if the worst happens.
  5. If you receive a delivery, please let us know who supplied your order and the price per litre that you have paid. We won't share the information, but it helps us understand what is happening in the market. Please e-mail the information to oil@community-resource.org.uk
  6. With prices so high, there is an increased risk of fuel theft. Keep access to your tank locked if you can and check if your household insurance policy covers your oil.

What will we do:

  1. Community Resource will be paying very close attention to the market. We want to start taking Oil Buying Club orders as soon as we can.
  2. We will regularly contact suppliers to check on their situation and will do our best to share that with you. However, please note that the situation has been changing rapidly and the information we provide will go out of date quickly.
  3. We may contact you! We just want to check in and see if you are OK. Please don't be alarmed if we give you a call.
  4. We will try to answer queries as soon as possible, but you may find it challenging to get through. E-mail is usually best.


The following is a list of the local suppliers we are aware of (please let us know about others you recommend). The information was collected this week, but may be out of date already. Community Resource cannot recommend any individual suppliers, but the information is provided in the hope that you find it useful.

  • Weboil – price today (14 March) 129.95ppl will only deliver to local postcodes (Borraston) 01584 891343
  • NWF – 01939 290392 / 01691650800
  • Oakley’s/Rix – 01952 684600
  • Certas – 01633 416840
  • DA Roberts – 01948 662762

Julia Baron
CEO, Community Resource


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