Our New Name

We have now changed our name from Shropshire RCC to Community Resource.

To find out more about our new brand and why we’ve updated it, click here.

Surveys & Questionnaires


Staff at Shropshire RCC can help design questionnaires and carry out surveys to identify the needs of local people or gather opinion of a variety of topics. We host surveys here on our website to provide an easy and cost-effective solution to collecting evidence of local need.

The questionnaires listed below are all currently active. Please click on the link below to complete your survey or questionnaire.

Community-led Plan Questionnaires:

We have recently helped Bucknell & Bedstone Parish Council with their Parish Plan Survey and also Ercall Magna Neighbourhood Plan Group with their Business Survey. Both of these are now closed to further submissions.  

Other community projects:

During July 2016 we conducted a 'State of the Sector' style survey for Bridgnorth Town Council. This too is now closed.

There are currently no live surveys 

Please note (for all the surveys):

  • It is not possible to partially complete the questionnaire and return later to finish it.
  • If its a long questionnaire it may be divided into sections, at the bottom of the page click on 'Next' to move onto the next set of questions or 'Back' to go back to a previous set of questions.
  • If you want to delete what you have written and start again click 'Restart'.
  • Click 'Submit' when you have completed the questionnaire and want to submit your answers.

Visit our Community Consultation & Parish Planning page to find out how we can help you or your organisation with questionnaire design, online hosting, data input and independent analysis reporting.


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