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We have now changed our name from Shropshire RCC to Community Resource.

To find out more about our new brand and why we’ve updated it, click here.

Oil Buying Club

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Join our community Oil Buying club and make great savings on your heating oil bills

Community Resource organises the largest bulk oil buying scheme in Shropshire and we have helped people across the county and in Staffordshire save thousands of pounds since we started in September 2011.

With a support network of 30 local volunteer coordinators we make ordering oil hassle free and better value for money. Once a month we contact the oil companies to ask for their best price on a specific date, then we notify our members what it will be if they order that month. This gives members the choice about whether to buy this month or (if they have sufficient oil) to hold out in the hope of a better price next month.

You will then pay the supplier direct following your oil delivery.

Joining our community to buy heating oil makes sense for everyone. Customers get a better price, oil companies can organise deliveries more efficiently, and fewer tanker journeys can help reduce the negative environmental impact.

To take advantage of our buying power you have to be a member. Annual Membership fees help to cover our admin costs and as we are a non-profit organisation are kept as low as possible. You can order as many times as you wish during your membership year.  A domestic membership is £27 per year.

Order deadlines

Oil Order Deadlines 2022 are by 12 Noon on the first Tuesday of each month.

Frequently Asked Questionsmore

Why charge a membership fee?

The membership fee contributes to the running costs of the scheme including administration, advertising and marketing materials. This way we can ensure that all people living in Shropshire have access to a fuel buying scheme.

Savings expected

Savings will vary depending on how much people order and who their local supplier is. We find that most people achieve savings of around 3 to 4 p per litre.

Is the scheme available to everyone?

Yes, anyone who is on heating oil can use the scheme, including local businesses and community buildings.

Do have to live in Shropshire?

No, we can accommodate people living on our borders and into Wales. Please call us for more information.

Do I need to have a local coordinator?

If there is no local coordinator in your area you can still join the scheme until there is one. Your orders will be managed by Community Resource staff.

Access is restricted and I need a very small (4wheel) tanker to deliver, can I still join the scheme?

You can still join the scheme but may have to incur a small extra charge (around 1ppl) for use of a smaller tanker.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is 500 litres for oil members. All orders will benefit from the same savings as we will be ordering in bulk. 

Can I order an additive?

Yes, If you require an additive please add this to your order.

I need my tank to be topped up, how do I make sure this happens?

The best way to do this is to slightly over estimate the amount you will need. You will only be charged for the amount delivered.

How soon is my delivery?

Deliveries are usually completed within 10 working days of Community Resource placing the order with the supplier. 

My delivery is urgent - can you help?

If your order becomes urgent please let us know and we will do our best to get a delivery to you asap but in some cases this may mean placing the order outside of the bulk order for an additional charge.

How do I pay the supplier?

For oil this will vary depending on the supplier. They will usually either leave an invoice on delivery or request a call before delivery to secure payment with card. 

Can I spread my payments?

You can now spread the cost of your oil with our Save and Pay scheme by taking out a low cost loan or savings account.

Please contact us for more information by emailing oil@community-resource.org.uk or call 01743 342167.

Volunteer as a coordinator and receive free membershipmore

We are looking for local volunteers who will act as 'co-ordinators' for the community buying scheme. Our volunteer co-ordinators play a vital role in their communities and receive free membership of the scheme. In return we ask for volunteers to promote the scheme in their local area and collect and pass on oil orders each month. For more information please email oil@community-resource.org.uk or call 01743 342167.


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