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We have now changed our name from Shropshire RCC to Community Resource.

To find out more about our new brand and why we’ve updated it, click here.

Community Consultation & Community-led Planning


We think it is really important that local people are able to share their views about the place they live and the services they receive. Shropshire RCC helps local people to get involved in shaping the future of their community by working with groups and organisations to carry out consultation activities, often through the community-led plan process.

A community-led plan is a statement of how a local community sees itself developing in the future. It sets out the needs and aspirations of the community based on the views of the people that actually live there. You may have heard them described as Design Statements, or Parish/Town Plans. A Neighbourhood Plan is also a form of Community-led Plan. We can offer specialist support to groups wanting to undertake a Neighbourhood Plan.

Whatever the type of Community-led plan, we have specialist expertise to help with:

Setting up: We can work with community groups and Parish or Town Councils to explore the various types of community-led plans, hold initial public meetings and help form a local steering group to get your community-led plan process going. We can help identify and secure funding for the process in some cases. 

Consultation: We can help you to choose a variety of consultation methods that give everyone in your community the opportunity to take part. We can support you to develop questionnaires and run community events.

Data collection: We can host your questionnaires online and offer a data inputting and analysis service using specialist survey software. We can help you to understand the findings from your consultation activities.

Action planning: We can help you to turn your findings into actions, supporting you to identify where the community can take action itself and where you may need support from other organisations, such as the Local Authority.

We charge for some of our services but we think it is really important that your community has choice and should have an independent view on what may be the best cause of action. For this reason, we don't charge for most of the activities and support we provide as part of the 'setting up’ stage. We do charge for data input and our independent analysis and reporting service. 

Please contact us for more information or to discuss the type of support you need.

We can also help with more specialist consultation activities, such as understanding the need for play facilities or identifying support for a community-owned shop or pub. If you think we could help your group identify the need for a new initiative, please get in touch.


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